Magic. beyond. this. world.

As NASA defines, a good portal is a shortcut, a guide, a door into the unknown. 

Magic Portal is a gateway where magicians shares inventions beyond your imagination.  


Magic Portal is the official The Online Magic Store magic marketplace, a global collective of creators united together to push magic out of its current form.

New tricks are submitted every day through our submission process, but only a handful will be approved. We only curate the best of the best. We have a strict policy here at The Online Magic Store of the TOP 200

Once selected, your creation will be seen by hundreds of thousands of magic and cardistry enthusiasts worldwide. 


We only carry the best of the best. We have seen a lot of magic. We know what works. If you can't convince us, chances are you can't convince the market.

We will only carry 200 items maximum. If you want to join the list, do you have what it takes to push another item off the list?


If your effect is as great as you think it is, it will be selected within 72 hours. It will be on the market within days after approval. Watch the whole world start to perform your creation and tag you in it on social media. 

Dream big. There is no greater platform for reaching the peak of magic innovation faster. Our team is with you every step of the way. We will work together to make your name as big as possible. 


50% royalty if your product is exclusively at The Online Magic Store. 

Creator compensation is transparent and easy to understand. You'll be paid a monthly royalty equivalent to 50% of each purchase on Magic Portal. Automatic monthly payment will go out after your "royalty amount due" reaches $100.00 USD. From our percentage, we take care of order fulfillment, credit card processing fees, free shipping, customer service and many other day-to-day tasks. 

You can track sales in real time via our creator log in. We make payments on a monthly basis  For more details on creator payments page. 



  • We are dedicate to promote YOU, the creator and not just the product
  • Highly engaged audience on social media
  • Our conversion rate is over 30% on social media and emails
  • Your product could be sold wholesale to our massive network of magic shops
  • Iconic marketing campaigns
  • We are not a "Uncle Joe" magic store that is selling more than 5,000 products - YOU stand out
  • A constant stream of new eyes on your product
  • No other company has the dedication and expertise that The Online Magic Store does
  • A full commitment to your career

WHY The Online Magic Store?

Easy - because we are dedicated to promote YOU and not just the product.

What does The Online Magic Store have that I can't get from another company? 

No one else out there is willing to dedicate the time and money to promote YOU as a creator. Why? Because they don't want to invest in anything other than the company brand. Unless you are David Copperfield, who is going to remember YOU as the creator if you are in the shadow of the big brand?

Exclusive Advertisement Program

This is an invite only program. We will let you know if you are invited after your projects has been successfully accepted. 

We have professional social media buyers on the team that are able to push your creation to the public's eyes. They are constantly checks ads settings and targeting data to ensure we get the best result from our Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube ads.


The problem with taking your effect to a big wholesaler is that it will usually have a short shelf life of a couple of a few days. They are not in the position to constantly push your creation.  

Things look good on the first day when the fresh trailer drops then it will start to collect dust next day when the wholesaler drops another trailer.

Those large ' Uncle Joe magic shops' will take anything on the market and hoping that will be "the one" customers like. This happens all the time because they don't know what works. That's not call marketing, that's call gambling. 

Because Your Success Is Our Success.

YOUR SUCCESS is OUR SUCCESS. From the moment your idea is approved by us, we’re invested in you 100%. We will do everything in our power to make your name as big as possible.  

With so many people putting their time and efforts into making your name the absolute best it can be before, during and after release - we’re sure you can imagine the sheer cost we pour into making sure you get the recognition - and let’s face it - sales, your deserves. We do this because we believe in creator we approve. When you do well, we do well. We'll help open every door that needs opening to further your place in the magic industry - the bigger and brighter you shine, the more your ideas sell. Your success is our success.

The Deal

This is where we talk shop. Whenever we look at partnering with a creator - be they creating their first effect or an established artist, we ensure that the deal table is always balanced. The more your effect brings to the table, the more we put back into the deal.


Now we come to our expectations. As you can see from the above - we truly devote our entire team to bringing you and your creation to market - BUT - we only do this for ideas in which we truly believe. We’re all or nothing type of people. If we don’t believe in it - we can’t sell it, so we ask that if you’re going to submit something to us - that you believe in it too. Make it your best. We want to click on your submission and be enthralled from the start - so if you’re selling us a magic trick - put some time into it and submit it as a video.

We will not accept any submission that is not accompanied by a video submission.  

We will not respond to every submission. Due to the volume of submissions we receive, we cannot respond to each and every one. Please don’t take this as our ignorance of you or your effect. We review each submission carefully and objectively, but we simply don’t have the time to respond and give feedback to every effect. If we like what we see, we may ask you for more information. If we do not respond to your submission within 10 days, please understand that your submission was not successful.


We going to be completely honest. Nothing under the sun is completely original these days. Please make sure you do your due diligence and make sure proper research has been done and permission has been obtain prior to submission. Should a product get into a dispute, the payout will be put on hold until it is resolved. 


submit your magic