Why buy Bitcoin?

Why buy Bitcoin?

Bitcoin soars 14% after Elon Musk namecheck on Twitter

Stop using old coin and start using Bitcoin!

Everyone in the world is talking about it. Even Elon Musk is talking about it!

Check out this Twitter bio!!


Elon Musk Bitcoin tweet



Bitcoin is like gold in the cryptocurrency world. The original

No other cryptocurrency will ever surpass Bitcoin's value. 

That is why you need to own it!

It is a symbol of technological advancement. 

A financial restructure in our world. 

Now, for $10.00 USD you can have 1 physical bitcoins.

Available in Gold AND Silver color

What you received in the box: 1 Bitcoin (Gold or Silver – please select options above)

 Get a set of 3 here: Bitcoin - Triple Set

Bitcoin vanish


For all the modern magicians out there..

Made in exact size and weight as a regular half dollar.

Best of all, they are magnetic!

Coin magic always lacked fascinating stories unlike card magic or any kind of magic. The introduction of coins has always been more or less awkward and out of place. The most we were able to do is to say nothing or talk about ”grandpa’s coins” at the beginning of coin tricks.

We show people coin magic without many introductions. We often perform coin magic without invitations.

With Bitcoin, all you have to do is merely showing people this coin and talk about this fascinating object and subject. While talking about the coin, just mention that you can do some magic tricks, then people will be more than eager to watch you perform your incredible coin magic. Bitcoin is the best way to get people to want to see your coin magic.

No more awkward coin appearance and no more lies like ”my grandpa gave it to me”.

Stop using old outdate coins. Buy Bitcoin!

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