$2.00 for Shopify Fulfillment Network

$2.00 for Shopify Fulfillment Network

Is Gravity Reel worth it? Reading $2.00 for Shopify Fulfillment Network 3 minutes

Faster and cheaper shipping for everyone! 

We know, shipping fee is not cool and many other places offer free shipping. Some with minimum order and some don't. But the catch is you never know when you going to get it. Delivery speed varies and is not guaranteed.  These are the usual compromises with free shipping. 

What can we provide?

Unrivalled speed with low cost

Waiting for your new magic is not fun.

We have a solution: Shopify Fulfillment Network (SFN)

A portion of our inventory is already spread out in 4 different major SFN warehouses across USA. This enable us to get your order out to you as fast and as cheap as possible. Instead of travelling across the whole country, now it just need to travel 1/4 of the distance. 

As SFN grow, we can grow with them. Our goal is to be able to place more stock in more warehouses. Just imagine placing an order today and getting it at your door tomorrow without paying a premium price or a special membership.

This is where YOU come in. 

Early this month we have been accepted into the Shopify Fulfillment Network in US. Today we are finally in the final stage of on boarding and before we can roll out globally, we need your help to test the system. Making sure that everything is link up to the network system perfectly.

As a way to thank you for helping us test, we have set up a SFN Special flat rate shipping for testing. There is no minimum for this special shipping rate. No more buying $100 and above to get free shipping. You can buy as many or as little as you want and it will still be just $2.00. 

This option will pop up in your shipping method, as long as your receiving address is within the Contiguous United States,

We are expecting testing to last a week. This will include any fixing and adjustment to the backend setting. Once we have fix all the bugs we will be able to scale it up and have it available globally. Please do note that not everything is ship by Shopify due to some restrictions so don't be surprise to get items from Shopify Fulfillment and some items directly from us in Canada. 

We have also updated our shipping information due to a new COVID restrictions in Vancouver, Canada

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