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- ‘Shift’ -

a new way to do the torn and restored effect.









Dear friend,

The problem with many of the variations of the ‘torn and resorted’ trick on the market right now is that all look the same.

It can get boring - even for the audience. 

Hopefully we’ve created something new with ‘Shift’.

A corner is torn off right in front of the audience. But the weird part is, when the corner is restored, the other corner vanishes. 

To take it a step further, the corner that was torn off matches with the missing corner.

Here’s everything ‘Shift’ has to offer…


  • Unique torn and restored routine (very unusual for such a classic card trick) 
  • Gimmick is easy and cheap to make (all you need is a deck of cards) 
  • Extremely visual. 
  • Everything is completely examinable. 

Perfect for: 

  • Social media
  • Live party performances
  • Street magic